Who's line is it anyway?
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I've seen this quote, "Have faith in the force of right, not in the right of force", several times and have had no luck finding out who's quote it is...Help me hive!
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Jim Goodwin?
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Churchill's quote has the right phrase in it, but a different overall meaning. He is saying that he hopes that the Force of Right will retain the Right of Force, not that the latter is something one shouldn't have faith in.
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Response by poster: I think it might be a bastardized version of the Churchill quote that fish tick posted but, I don't know. I saw it as part of someone's email signature and I also saw it somewhere on the web, and can't quite remember exactly where...
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I read this question and said to myself, "That sounds a lot like Churchill."

I'm betting that the quotation in question is a mangled version of Churchill's original above.
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Response by poster: I tracked down the email with the quote in the signature and sent a reply asking where the quote came from. The sender said he got the quote from a fortune cookie, so it must just be a paraphrasing of the Churchill quote. Thanks, fish tick!
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