Spanish email discussion list?
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I'm looking for a Spanish email discussion list.

I realize there are a lot of forums that exist in various languages, but I'm looking for a digest email list that I can subscribe to in Spanish. I am an advanced beginner, so it would be great if it catered to my level.
I have searched but have only been able to find forums. Any of the lists I have located are essentially "dead".
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This question is hard to answer without some sort of context/content. There is, for instance, an active Spanish Typo3 User Group at, but I doubt you would be interested unless you happen to be a typo3 developer/user.
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Response by poster: The context would be for education. I would consider any sort of topic as long as the group is willing to tolerate someone learning the language.
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I'm really not sure you can find something like this sorry.

Let me tell you why I think that is. Academic discourse in Spanish is very high level, there's an almost snobbish quality to it I find. Take a look at a Forum designed for international scholars (who may or may not be fluent in Spanish). Believe me when I say the language is very difficult for an advanced beginner, there are very formal phrases here that one would not use in normal discourse.

I do not mean to be patronising but you would be far more successful at this level of language acquisition to engage with a "Foro oficial de......... " insert name of your favorite author, star, TV persona etc., etc., as these people will welcome you a priori, have patience with your level of fluency etc., .
Bonus points will accrue if you live near, have more info on, said person as you are an English speaker and if their hero/passion is also I think you could fit in quite nicely.

the only health warning I would tak on is their written speech will not be as accurate or educated as a foro de educacion.

sorry I can't be more help :(
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