New VW camper van?
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What is today's equivalent of a VW Westfalia camper?

I think VW discontinued the Weekender and Camper models. What is a good equivalent for weekend camping that you can buy new?
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The California is the direct replacement, at least in the UK, but I've not been able to find it in the US for you.
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The Microbus replacement concept didn't get built (too expensive).

Chrysler will build a new minivan for Volkswagen -- but it won't be here until August 2008.

You could always get a JetVan.....
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There was that Pontiac Aztec a few years ago...
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What you're looking for is called a Class B RV, and may be built on a variety of stock van platforms.
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Response by poster: Not really, jjg. Class C is the smaller one, and that's close, but I'd be interested in something that doesn't scream 'RV'...
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i've seen several mitsubishi and toyota vans around that have been directly imported from japan (right drive). they're 4wd, but the configuration is as close as i've seen to the old VW, plus they're probably tougher and more reliable.

maybe talk to an importer?
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Class B's are smaller than the Class C's. The order from largest to smallest is A-C-B. Kind of screwy.

Suddenly my wife and I started aging and started researching stuff like this.
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As codswallop said, Class Bs are the smallest ones, and as you can see from any of the sites on my link, are modified vans, not full-blown RVs.
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Ironically, a successor is being buily by Mercedes.
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It isn't small but converted Sprinters are the closest you can buy right now I think. The shorty RBs are quite small though still a full size van. Several companies are making both B and C class Sprinter conversions.
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the eurovan is great. have to find a used one though. VW offeres certified preowned.
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not sure if this will ever make it to market (~$70k), but it's worth admiring still...
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