Great paper crafts for a 1st anniversary?
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My first wedding anniversary is coming up and I'm looking for some great paper crafts.

I've already done lots of Googling and come up with the usual suspects - papier mache, origami, greeting cards - but I want something great! Of course, I'm interested in weird and wonderful papier mache and origami crafts, too. Thanks!

(I asked this question anonymously because my husband often reads Metafilter.)
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invest in some art photography?
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A book counts as paper, right? My now fiance made me a hollowed out book once for a dating anniversary. He decoupaged pictures of us and little messages on a few loose pages and the secret stash area was just big enough to hold a mix tape. It was a GREAT gift! You could adapt this idea in many different ways if you're feeling crafty.
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A scrapbook of photos and other paper artifacts of your first year together. Dinner receipts, marriage license, concert tickets, post-it notes that have meaning, even a bill if it has both your names on it.
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This may be the least-romantic idea ever, but for my first anniversary (as a joke), I wrote my wife a check from our joint bank account for the entire contents of our checking account. Slapped that one in a card and it actually got some pretty good laughs. I did that, and the book thing.
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Sort of similar to Argyle's idea: some kind of zine about your first year of marriage? Will probably not have a very wide distribution, sure, but maybe the format itself would give you a non-greeting-card-ish way to express your thoughts/feelings.
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My aunt is really into altered books and artists trading cards. Both are really neat crafts and very special presents.
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You mentioned origami--I learned how to make my wife's two favorite flowers in origami form, a purple rose and a lily. I put them in a shadowbox, and she adores it after years.
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You can make some neat lampshades, etc. with origami corrugation and/or tessellation.
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My husband bought me tickets (paper ones) for our first anniversary to see a show I really wanted to see. Excellent paper present!
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I had our vows (which we had drafted ourselves) letterpress-printed and framed.
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paper animation kits; google a bit more and you'll find things as elaborate as a working clock model (if you have, you know, a million hours to kill).
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No doubt this is a long shot, but just in case Chicago holds any special place in the hearts of you and your husband I'd point you to a post on BoingBoing today featuring - yup - Chicago's landmarks as papercraft ...

(Ohhh, I want the L trains and track!)
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One of the students I work with scanned pictures from the wedding, photoshopped them so that they were only strong outlines, printed them out, and made his wife a coloring book. It was really cute.
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Make your own pop up book, this has become quite popular lately and if you google it you should find some sites with instructions.
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i'm surprised no one has mentioned the single most amazing use of paper (or papier mache) to date: the piƱata!

blow up a balloon and pop in a few cute, small gifts. use flour paste and squares of colored paper to cover it with some beautiful pattern. pop the balloon. then give it to your sweetie to break.

as for the gifts...a nice pair of cufflinks might be nice, a memory stick loaded with your favorite pictures, his favorite candy or gum, whatever seems right for him.
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Whitewings are super cool.
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How about writing your partner a letter? It's on paper and perhaps one of the most personal of crafts.
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for your husband? Make some sexy paper lingerie or write out a coupon for some "intimate time". You'll fulfill the paper requirement and give him what he really wants, you.
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To me, the ultimate gift would be a handwritten love letter on fine paper -- something your beloved would read again and again -- but...

You can always kick papier mache up a couple of notches and do a life mask (or other body part).

The results can be quite stunning.

Enjoy -- and congratulations. May you always be as happy in the future as you are today.
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I made a 3D paper snowflake that was really impressive and very easy to make.
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