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Riding on the coat tails of this post, are there some good choices and low prices on Reading Glasses on the Web?

And, what kind of lenses would be scratch resistant?
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Funny you should mention - I came across this site today.

Frames & lenses for as little as $8!
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Oh, geez - never mind - I'm an idiot.
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Response by poster: heh. Not the best selection of reading glasses, though.
posted by theora55 at 7:24 PM on September 20, 2007 is for prescription glasses, and they review sites like zennioptical.
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Best answer: If I recall correctly: Glasses made of glass (instead of plastic) are less likely to be scratched up than plastic. Also thinner than plastic.

Plastic, however, is safer - especially for kids. But if you're pretty sure you won't be falling on your face anytime soon, glass seems to be the way to go.

There's probably options where you can add special coatings to the glass to make it more scratch-resistant ... but really, plain glass works just fine. I've gone scratchless with plain glasses for years. Add in the anti-reflective coating if you wear your glasses all day and in photographs ... and maybe the fancy UV blocker or computer screen rays blocker stuff.
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Best answer: Glass is more scratch-resistant, but I doubt it's thinner than plastic. It's definitely heavier, anyway.
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