New England road trip! Your insider tips needed.
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New England road trip! Your insider advice on local color, tasty food & drink, picturesque roads, historic spots and natural wonders -- anything we'd be silly to miss. Itinerary inside.

We'll be there the 1st week of October. The plan's to spend time in, around and between Portsmouth, NH, Durham/Freeport, ME, Bristol/Burlington, VT, and Conway/North Adams, MA. We're already planning on stopping at the Portsmouth Brewery, doing a hike on the VT Long Trail, looking for a couple covered bridges and hitting the MassMoCA.
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When in Portsmouth, pop over the river into Kittery for some Loco Coco's. If you're going to have Mexican food in New England, this is the place to get it.
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or in portsmouth, have some tasty food and behold the fabulous bad art decor at the friendly toast
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Don't miss the world's largest covered bridge or some approximation thereof in Windsor VT. The Harpoon Brewery is also in Windsor. Also, if you're in that area, I live in Bethel and there are some nice covered bridges in Tunbridge which is right up the road and maybe an hour or less drive from good Long Trail spots. Driving up Route 100 is pretty de rigeur but it might be trafficky that week and less awesome than usual.

I assume you have all this covered, but if you need a place to stay, I live in a huge house w/ lots of space. I have a bunch of Vermont pictures up on Flickr, feel free to browse them.
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If, for some reason, you get over to Johnson, VT, eat at Plum & Main. Best burgers and fries in the world (to a Long Trail thru-hiker, anyway).
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This is perfect. I was going to ask the same question as I'm going down next week-ish.
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Of course you're going to Mass MoCA, but there's not so much in that area. Perhaps you can make it to the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls?

In Freeport, you might consider Gritty McDuff's for lunch if you don't mind getting a little tipsy. Very nice beer.
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Clark Art Institute is nice, so is Williams College campus.
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jessamyn: Don't miss the world's largest covered bridge

(Look, it's all they have.)
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I second The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth. It's an especially good place to stop if you need to load up on carbs for a long day of hiking! Great bread and diner food.

As you cross New Hampshire on 89, I would stop in Woodstock. It's an idyllic little town where the Rockefellers summered or something. Nearby in Quechee, have lunch at Simon Pearce. It's a restaurant associated and a pottery and glass workshop. The dining room is set directly over a waterfall and it should be just lovely this time of year. It's also got a killer wine list.

You could also stop in Hanover to see the Hood museum and the Orozco frescos. And in Norwich to visit the King Arthur Bakery (which is a mecca for bakers).

Skip the Ben and Jerry's factory and tour as it sounds a lot cooler than it is in reality.

If you have any questions about the Upper Valley in particular, I'd be happy to donate 2 more cents.
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I stand corrected and damn if I'm not a few hours from that bridge RIGHT NOW. Amazing. I concur with all B-squared's advice also, esp skipping the B&J tour.
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