Wine inventory/management software
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Wine inventory/management software. I'm looking for a reliable program to catalog my department's wine collection. We receive bottles from various vintners daily, so the collection is quite large. I'd love some recommendations from the mefi crowd for PC software.

Has anyone used one of these? I've done some google searching, and the list is endless with possible programs. I would prefer to get some recommendations before I order one.

IntelliScanner Collector 200 looks very promising, basically anything along those lines would be ideal for this project.

I would like the software to include:
- a barcode/SKU scanner.
- space for tasting notes / reviews.
- a locater system.
- ability to catalog spirits as well as wines.
- export to MS excel for reporting.

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I use cellartracker - they've got barcode scanner support and cheap to use.
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Just to clarify my busted English - cellartracker is cheap to use and they support barcode readers. I've never managed to get excel exporting working with my mac, but it apparently works for the PC. I just use their built in reports. Unfortunately, it's web only and the website is slow from time to time.
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Not quite what you want, but cork'd is probably worth checking out
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I don't have an answer, but I used cork'd. Unless you can't find anything else I'd pass. It has almost nothing you're looking for.
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I ended up going with the IntelliScanner Collector 200 - and while it doesn't recognize the rare / small vintage wines, it's pretty through and easy to set up.
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