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Craft Filter: (this question is from my sister-in-law) "Any suggestions for mounting Art Glass (Fused) Tiles? Sizes are 8 in by 11 in and 3 in by 3 in. No wires were fused in the tiles for hanging purposes. Should I bond to plexiglass as base? If so, how? What adhesive should I use? Any other suggestions?"
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Mounting how? You can glue on wire for hanging by using tryolase adhesive (2-part epoxy). Or if it is to be mounted like ceramic tile, then using regular tile adhesive will work.

Another option is to drill holes through the glass with a diamond bit in a water bath.

There's a wide variety of UV cure epoxies that are clear when cured, and can be used to bond glass to glass, or glass to plastics, etc.
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I'm assuming she'll be hanging the mounted tiles on a wall (i.e. that gravity will be a concern, unlike with, say, a tabletop)? Also, where will these be hanging? In a room with lots of heat/humidity, like a bathroom? Will she be putting more than one tile together on the same base? (If so, grout may be a good idea, to keep them in place.)

Plexiglass is a good idea for a base - light, versatile and easily cut to the right size. If the tiles are thick, a shallow plywood box frame may work well also, since it will supply added support at the bottom.

As for adhesives, epoxy usually works best with ceramics.
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You might try E6000.
I have not seen this used on fused glass, but I know people who use it to attach hangers to pottery tiles.
In my experience it is a good, permanent adhesive, but it may not be able to take the weight of large tiles.
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