Help? I need software to manage my budget!
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I need software to manage my personal & business budget.

I need to find a piece of software that can manage my income and track all of my expenses. The thing is that I have the income from my job, the income my wife's job, plus I also do some side jobs that I need to keep track of the money that comes in from that. Then I have all of my expenses and I don't know where the money goes. I also need to keep track for my taxes at the end of the year so that I can write certain things off.

Can you recommend any software that can do that?
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I dont know for sure but i am pretty can do that.
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Quicken? MSMoney?
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I've been very happy with jgnash, which is free and cross-platform. Read their new user page, and especially the double-entry Wikipedia article linked from that, if you don't already have an understanding of how to use a double-entry accounting system.

jgnash can easily handle multiple income and expense accounts.
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Gnucash is pretty good. Or try Pearbudget (an Excel file), if you want something a little less complicated.
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I've been using Money Manager X(Windows/Unix, I think), which does everything I need for a couple different income sources and expense tracking.
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I second GnuCash. I use it & love it!
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