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Good, preferably vegetarian-inclusive or focused, recipe blogs? Alternatively, one really good recipe magazine in the same category.

I live in a college dorm for the time being, and don't really cook while school is in session due to lack of kitchen and overabundance of paid-for meal points. However, my dining hall is a fairly cool place in that, if supplied with a reasonable recipe, they'll try making it. Their vegetarian options could definitely use some spunk; and, besides that, I'd like to ideally begin collecting my own little treasury of "gotta-try-that"s.

I already read 101 Cookbooks, and enjoy the content, but it updates so infrequently that I definitely need some filler.

I'd also be willing to possibly subscribe to a single recipe print format magazine if someone really heartily recommends one.
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Not a magazine, but still a delicious choice, pick up a copy of How it all Vegan! and a copy of The Garden of Vegan.
Vegan with a Vengeance is also a good pick.

On the blog front, some vegetarian fare from Dude, where's the stove?.
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Food blogs I read regularly that may provide what you're looking for:

Simply recipes - Not vegetarian, but I've returned to her site time and time again. She also supplies her recipes in a variety of printable formats

Fat free Vegan Kitchen

28 Cooks
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My favorite vegan food blogs areVegan Improv and VeganYumYum.

I also frequent Slashfood.
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The Post-Punk Kitchen
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Vegan With a Vengeance.
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Pattycake is dessert-focused and wtf delicious.
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The Vegetarian Times is a vegetarian cooking magazine. It's fairly good, and once had River Phoenix and sibs on the cover!
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I find RecipeZaar helpful. I start at this link and search by ingredient, then sort by rating. Lots of good veg recipes there.

If you like Indian: Mahanandi.
Cute, sometimes useful: Vegan Lunch Box
A Venezualan vegetarian: Cooking along

And I second Veg Times.
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A Veggie Venture is absolutely wonderful.

And I say that as an unrepentant, meat-eating, cynical-towards-self-righteous-vegetarians kinda guy.
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