Help me buy a great film!
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I'm looking for a copy of the 1979 Dutch film "Opname" (U.S. title: "In for Treatment"), to rent or buy.

I saw this film, a moving story about cancer patients, in a theatre in New York in 1982 or 1983. I'd recommend it to everybody and I'd like to rent or buy a copy now. I'll need English subtitles (second choice would be dubbing). I've tried every U.S. source I could find, and sent several e-mails to the Netherlands. This movie existed in the 80's! Can you help me find it now?
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Best answer: Your post would probably be more effective at a moment when the Netherlands weren't asleep.

It seems the film has been issued in 2007 on a DVD of the theater group Het werkteater. I found two places online that sell the DVD.
TV system is PAL. DVD region is Europe/Japan.
It's unclear whether it contains English subtitles.
Also these online shops might not ship to the US.
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more places that sell the DVD
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Response by poster: Ah! Released in 2007! Thank you!

(Now I'll have to see how to deal with a DVD from another region, with a different TV format. Any suggestions?)

Do you know if it was released as a VHS tape?
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Now I'll have to see how to deal with a DVD from another region, with a different TV format. Any suggestions?

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Best answer: Almost all DVDs will output both PAL and NTSC so the format shouldn't be a problem.

As for the region, many off-brand players made in China are region free from the start - saves them the cost of adding the code! Buy one from a store that allows returns if it doesn't play.
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Response by poster: Thank you all very much for your help so far. It's pretty wild to consider buying a new DVD player to watch one video, but that'll do the trick so maybe that's in my future.
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Best answer: Maybe computer DVD readers aren't region coded. I'd investigate that first if I were you.
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Mod note: Final update from the OP:
Years later, I found the film on . Check it out. Lots of interesting old films.
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