Brooklyn Singing Telegram
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Has anyone ever used a singing telegram service in New York City specifically Brooklyn? I'm planning for my girlfriend's b'day and I'm wondering if anyone has any firsthand experience. I'm mostly looking for more crazy person in a bear suit type things rather than Marilyn Monroe impersonators and the ilk, but I'm open.
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My mom used to send Eastern Onion singing telegrams to my dad at work every year. I hear they were always hilarious. Don't know if they cover NY, though. The website says to call.
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Okay, Okay, I'll do it.
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What about a crazy person in a bear suit impersonating Marilyn Monroe? That'd be hot.
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You could get a barbershop quartet from this group to serenade her!
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Think twice. Is she comfortable with being the center of all eyes? being laughed at? (A co-worker of mine felt humiliated by this being done to her.)
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Response by poster: Good point Carol Anne.
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