Where can I find this type of online quiz generation?
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I need a a script set or pages or package that will help me create a self-grade able multiple-choice quiz that someone can take online via the web, enter their name, receive a grade at the end along with what questions were missed, and automatically e-mail these same results along with the test-taker's name, to a specific email address (preferably two addresses).

Other key requirements: it needs to be free, as in beer, or there be some sort of setup where we can store the pages and code locally in exchange for a linkback.

Bonus points if this quiz package, code, or setup will also allow us to store data (this user's name, what quiz areas or quizzes they have passed) for later use.

This will be a series of multiple choice quizzes for employee orientations that my boss wants me to do ("Which one of these widgets has the fnord feature? Choose a, b, c, or d..."). We're a small business less than 20 people total, and I'm the web developer/ IT guy/ print designer/ web master, so "hire another person" isn't an option.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Any help would
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Response by poster: odd, last part got cut off. It should read ".. be appreciated. Our web host allows both cgi access and PHP."
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I use one at work on our Intranet for HIPAA security test and the like. Forget the name, but it's open source. Will post tomorrow. It has most of what your looking for.
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You can take a look at this maybe. Webquiz, it ain't free but it is pretty cheap (<$100). They host for free or you can do it on your own server. Results are saved to an Access database and you can email scores to wherever you want.
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Or possibly Survey Monkey which is free. I *think* you can weight answers in a survey format so they return "scores". Not really quiz software but you can fudge it.
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Here you go - this is what we use:


Forms-based visual editor for survey creation
User authentication via internal user database (XML-based) and/or external via LDAP
Customizable layout (header, footer, colors, styles)
Enables use of HTML for special-purpose customization (optionally)
Restrict allowed respondends by user-IDs or shared password (optionally)
Restrict to only one response per user (optionally)
E-mail notification for incoming results
View results online
Password-protect viewing of results (optionally)
Export of results to Microsoft Excel, SAS, SPSS or similar (via CSV formats)
Support for collaborative development (multiple survey admins)
Internationalization support and translations into many languages
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