This is actually a pretty cool town, I think...
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I'm a recent grad who has been living in Greensboro, NC, for three months. I haven't gotten to know the town as much as I'd like. Where should I go and what should I do?

I'm 22, female, and trying to avoid the post-grad-omg-time-to-be-a-grown-up blues. I moved from Columbia, SC, a town I love. I'd like to find activities to meet other people my age, and also recommendations on restaurants, bars, gyms, shopping, events, activities- the works! Make me love Greensboro!
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Response by poster: PS- I went to GetDown!Town last weekend and had a blast! And of course, I've been to Natty Greene's.
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Greensboro has a great local music scene. Much of it is a little on the mathy side. There's a gallery downtown called Two Art Chicks that has started to host a lot of rock shows.

I live in Chapel Hill, and have a lot of friends in Greensboro. I'll get in touch with them and see what's coming up soon. Email's in my profile if you like.
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UNC-Greensboro has a good voice (music/singing) program; I'd look around for concerts - they'd likely be free.

Have a link.
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Response by poster: follow-up: the weather has been friggin beautiful recently. Does anyone know of (good) places to eat lunch downtown that have outdoor seating?
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Edward McKay for your used books/movies/music needs.

Tate St. Coffee if you love coffee.

NYP on Tate St. for pizza/dive-bar atmosphere.

College Hill Sundries on Spring Garden for an even more divey bar.
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