Central vacuum?
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I need recommendations for a good central vacuum system to install in my house.

I grew up with a Sears central vac and it was the greatest thing ever. We’re hoping to install one in our house and I was hoping someone out there was passionate enough about theirs that they could recommend it and tell me why they love it so. What make/model do you have? What attachments can you not live without? Are the kick-plate inlets worth it?

It’s going into new construction and will be installed by the contractor so ease of installation isn’t so important. Cost is a factor, but we’re willing to pay for quality. Quiet is good. Suction is key, I want to be able to suck up dustbunnies at 30 paces.

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I had a Sears in my old house and now have a Broan in our new house. Both worked very well, never had a problem. The Sears had to be vented outside, with the Broan this is not necessary, which is an advantage. Plenty of suction. Don't know about kickplate inlets; we have the normal range of attachments and a rugbeater, although we use that only on carpeting and not on the orientals.
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