Help me make sure I don't freeze the old orange tailfeathers off this winter.
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I need to have annual maintenance done on my furnace. Can any Toronto-area MeFites recommend a company or person for this job? Also, what kind of price range can I expect? Send contact information to the email address in my profile if you do not wish to make it public. Thanks.
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I have used Direct Energy and while they list the price as $140 on that link I seem to remember paying them about 200 bucks last year? The guy was good. Nice, explained everything.
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If it's a gas furnace, your provider has probably harassed you about their plan at some point. Enbridge/Direct Energy has a plan - about $200/yr, which includes an annual inspection, and emergency service.

On preview, the quality of inspector does vary. We've had good ones look at our furnace and explain everything, and others who seem to be in and out in 5 minutes. I think they have a couple of packages, which may account for the $140-$200+ discrepency.
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In some cities, the fire departments offer free furnace inspections. If your local department does this, they'll be able to tell you exactly what you need done (which can be especially helpful so that you don't get surprised by a maintenance technician later trying to sell you a service you don't need).
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We use Biss Environmental. We got a strong recommendation from a friend. I have since had several other conversations where I've mentioned them and someone else said, "Oh we use them too and they're great."

IIRC it's around $100
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I'll check my records when I get home...
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