Thunderbird Message Filters Disappear
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Why are my Thunderbird message filters disappearing?

I'm running Thunderbird on Vista (which OS I recommend you avoid like the plague, at least until SP1! It was a forced work 'upgrade').

When I create a message filter I can test it; works fine (I'm doing a forward if the subject contains a particular domain). Then, when I close down Thunderbird and check my filters, the filter is gone - no sign of it. I tried turning on logging, and that selection too is reset to unchecked after I restart the app.

I've tried this multiple times with the same result. Any ideas? All I can think of is that perhaps Vista is blocking a write permission, but I can change other Thunderbird profile options; do filters get written to a specific file that is perhaps not remaining persistent after I close?
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I don't have an answer for you, but after I upgraded my XP machine to v, all my filters stopped working. Then after a couple of weeks, they started functioning again. Go figure.

Here's another T-bird mystery. Recently one of my clients switched to MS Exchange, and now they no longer see my attachments -- until they click "Forward." THEN they show up! So far they are the only one reporting an attachment problem.
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