I want what I think should be described as a cool 'slim cut' suit.
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I want what I think should be described as a cool 'slim cut' suit. I want the jacket to be slim, but I don't want the trousers to be too tapered (yuk). I want to get it in black, in the UK, and ideally under £200 (£250 max). Where should I be looking for such an item?
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A brand new Ted Baker suit goes for £300, so maybe you can find a lightly used one on eBay for less?
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Response by poster: Oh I meant to say... kind of like an Asian cut of suit... like those detectives in Internal Affairs. Random I know, but I watched it last night.
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Have a look at Marks & Sparks Marble Arch if you're in or near London. They have a large range of different cuts at keen prices.
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try ebay uk
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There's no Asian cut - it's just the soft, slimmer, shape-conforming European/Italian style cut. If you go to a suit store or department store and tell them you're looking for a Italian cut suit, they'll know what you're looking for. If you fall within average sizing, you should have no problems finding something suitable under £250 max. Just get it altered to fit you properly.

And suit pants aren't usually tapered - it's the pleats that make them look that way. Get the matching straight-leg pants without pleats.
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If you're looking for an Italian cut suit, get yourself to a Zara ASAP, i swear by them. They're not very hard wearing, but you can get a very stylish suit for less than £150. Single breasted... quite fitted round the waist, go for one size below what you think you should

Tapered trouser legs might be a problem though, but it's well worth a look.
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There are a lot of cost-effective suits that are cut right, but even a well-designed suit made out of cheap material just looks like a cheap suit. If you plan on wearing this suit for work or if you think this is a style you'll be rocking for a while, buck up and drop the cash on Ralph Lauren black label. If it's just a look thing and cost is your main deciding factor, go vintage. I once found a late-60s slim cut Italian suit in wool on eBay for 40 bucks, and you can find a surprising amount of vintage designer suits at thrift stores for even less, if you're willing to hunt.
Whichever way you go, find a good tailor. The cost of getting the exact right fit is worth far more than it costs.
And definitely avoid pleats.
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Man, that second-to-last line is proof that I need an editor after four or more crispy Stellas.
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