None of my exes live in Texas . . .
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Traveling to Texas - What are not-to-be-missed things to do in and around Austin?

I haven’t been to Texas in 33 years. I’ll be traveling to a conference that's about an hour northwest of Austin, and will have some extra time on my hands for at least a few hours a day. I’ll have walking shoes and a car, and may rent a bike. Anything spectacular I shouldn’t miss in and around Austin? I'm partial to great hikes, quirky cultural sites and amazing museums, hole in the wall eateries, fabulous bookstores, cool crafts, funky neighborhoods, and city parks. Tell me where to go!
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Best answer: An hour NW of Austin will put you in the Hill Country, where you can't open your eyes without seeing some of the best scenery in the state. The rest of your question pretty much describes Austin. If you only have a few hours at a time, start in the area between UT and the Capitol and you will be fine.
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tsk, tsk, tsk you didn't search before you asked did you?

try this from 2 weeks ago...

(not trying to be too much of an ass, I'll probably end up doing this sometime...)
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Dunno when you're going, but I think you should go see Asylum Street Spankers in their home town:

Oct 20 2007 1:00P
Tour de Fat - Festival Beach Austin, Texas
Nov 3 2007 9:00P
Ruta Maya Austin, Texas
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That is fantastic, jeffamaphone! I have a work trip to Austin on November 3rd!
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Best answer: amazing museums
Blanton Museum
LBJ Library
Harry Ransom Center

fabulous bookstores

city parks
Town Lake and Zilker
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I was just in austin a couple weeks ago, fun city.

We made a detour to "The Broken Spoke", which is a pretty neat little honky-tonk with an amazing performers list.

We also ate at a steakhouse downtown---O'Reilley's...or O'...something's. It was very good, but very expensive. I suppose I could look at my CC receipts if you cared about the name.

We spent some time at Coyote Ugly too, which while NOT being my kind of place, I had an awesome conversation with one of the bouncers for like 2 hours, lol. Amazing what fun things two EMT's can talk about when a drunk chick falls off a bar and perforates her uterus...or something.

And, lastly...I was very sad I didn't get to witness the bat bridge, but it's somethign I wish very much that I had had the chance to do.
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Best answer: Definitely don't miss the bats flying out from under the bridge at dusk. I don't know if it's a seasonal thing but it's a really impressive site.
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TomMelee's probably talking about Sullivan's.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. (I thought I'd searched fairly thoroughly, but still felt it was worth asking specifically about the Hill Country as well as Austin.)

I will definitely check out the bat bridge, parks and the Blanton Museum.

Any ideas for Hill Country excursions welcome as well.
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Best answer: If you are in the Hill Country, I'd recommend the Fredericksburg Brewing Company, Cooper's BBQ in Llano, the Real Ale Brewery in Blanco (and avoid any Hill Country vineyards!).
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50 things to do in or around Austin
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No mention of going for a dip at Barton Springs? Man. That's the absolute best.

Rent a kayak and do the lake. Great views and fun times.

The Elephant room has great Jazz, every night.

BBQ at the Salt Lick.

Killer Margaritas at Baby A's.
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Paddle on Town Lake, mountain bike in any number of city parks, watch the bats, eat good BBQ.
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Yea! That's it! Sullivans. /drool.

We were totally there in sandals and shorts and t-shirts, and they seated us much to our surprize. Our waitress was sweet and hot as hell...and the little crumb scraper badassness was pretty cool. We got a kick out of the dedicated "water refill" boys too.
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