Convert my co-ax to ethernet
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I need to convert my inbound Verizon FiOS connection, which terminates on the router via co-axial cable, to ethernet. I've found adapters out there for a couple bucks, but will they actually work?

I'm running a number of VoIP-pbx devices in my network (which is actually a home-based telcom lab) behind a VZ FiOS connection. For a number of reasons, the FiOS router (Actiontec) has some issues with certain types of packets, and there is another firewall/router device that I'd like to use.

The problem, of course, is that none of the devices I'm using has a co-ax termination. Will one of these little $5 adapters work? Or do I need something more complex to do the job. I can't think of any reason why they wouldn't, and my google-fu has so far not gotten me an answer.

Thanks in advance for any ideas/recommended solutions.
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It appears that Fios uses the MoCA protocol to provide network service over coax inside the premises. I would assume a $5 converter would be for converting coax Ethernet (10Base-2) to twisted-pair Ethernet (10Base-T) and does not have the logic necessary for converting MoCA to Ethernet.

There may be some way to get Ethernet before it hits the MoCA network in your house; VZ used to install a Cat 5 Ethenet network along with Fios before the Actiontec MoCA routers were available. I would take a look at your wiring and then check the Fios-centric message boards -- I'm betting others have already run into this issue.
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I'd just give the $5 fix a shot. Always try the cheap and easy solutions first before trying something that you know will be expensive and a hassle.
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im not sure what type of connection you have, but on all the FIOS connections ive seen, verizon has run fiber to the house and terminated it in a big white box they bolt to the wall. from that box, they run ethernet to the actiontec router, not coax... but none of the connections ive come across have FIOStv, all just for internet. so that might be a factor.

anyway, we've been able to swap out our actiontec with a few different routers for testing purposes and all seem to work just fine, but thats because we don't have to deal with any coax connections...

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