Source for Stella ad?
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In Toronto, on the southeast corner of Bloor and Avenue Road/Queens Park, there's a Stella Artois/TIFF ad on a billboard that reads "Edited to perfection," with the image of a knife smoothing out the head of the beer. Anyone know which agency created the ad and/or how I would go about getting a copy (smaller, of course)?
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TracyLocke is the Stella Artois AOR.

Found by googling: Stella Artois aor

(AOR = Agency of Record, the creative agency that handles all above-the-line aspects of a brand's marketing identity.)
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Since it's a sponsor ad, I'd speak to the Communications Department at 416-934-3200 or (Got that from the TIFF website.)
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Oh, and I believe Stella is bottled by Labatt in Canada.
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I saw this ad in print in the french magazine "L'actualité". For an english version, you might want to check Mcleans magazine
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