Please help me find a specific atomic test picture.
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Where can I find a picture that I saw a long time ago? It was a picture of an atomic bomb test with soldiers standing and watching the explosion silhouetted by the explosion.
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Was it one of these Bikini Atoll shots? Those don't involve silhouettes, but they may be from the same tests.
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Try the DOE photo gallery, or the deeply spooky photo book by Michael Light, 100 Suns.
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Scratch that DOE one, it most likely doesn't have what you're looking for.
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This shot is on the Wikimedia Commons. But I think the one you may have in mind is in the Bettman Archive, available on Corbis. Search for BE044501 or soldiers bomb test. You will probably have to register (free) to open the images larger than a pinky-sized thumbnail.
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Bigger shot then what dhartung has.
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you might be able to find this shot again in peter kuran's awesome movie trinity and beyond - the atomic bomb movie.

also, youtube has plenty of clips.

kuran has included his image source references in the credits. a lot of it came from corbis.
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Nukeworker also has a huge archive of current and historical photos and art.
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Here is another one.
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