Why do I have a hairless spot on my chin (male)?
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Where did this hairless spot on my chin come from?

About 6 months ago, I noticed that the beard hair on the corner of my chin had disappeared, in an area about the size of my little finger nail. Since then, the patch has very slowly grown to maybe thumbnail size.

There are still visible follicles there, but it's almost like baldness - they're growing very fine, pale hair and have almost petered out.

There is no inflammation, no pain, I've suffered no injuries there and I am generally in great nick.

I can't believe this is life threatening, and I'm not in US jurisdiction, so do not be afraid of amateur medical advice.

It's slightly annoying in that if I don't shave for a day or two it's very noticeable.
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It sounds like alopecia. My ex had it; he'd get a dime-sized bald spot on his chin and it would stay there for a few months and then go away. He was acutely aware of it, but I didn't think it looked all that bad.
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Response by poster: Could be. I had no idea that could happen to facial hair though.
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I second Stefanie. I had a similar problem (although, on the side of my head, not on the face) a while back. I went to the dermatologist, she gave me a topical cream and it cleared right up within a month. Good stuff, that.
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stress can do that, too
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