Yo quiero parrilla!
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Where do I find Salsas de Colombia in Los Estados Unidos? Hmmmmm, chimichurri.

Buenos tardes,

I am currently in Bogota and travel here frequently. The Colombian BBQ or Parrilla consists of meat grilled and topped with a variety of salsas. My favorites being Chimichurri and Aji Picante.

Here in the country it is impossible to buy these salsas in stores as it is a solely homemade/restaurant made foodstuff. That being said it is also difficult to find in Latin stores in The US also.

Chimichurri is widely available in The US, but in the Argentinian variety and is less rico and mas picante. It is nearly a completely different salsa.

Can anyone suggest a place to buy these salsas in The US or recommend any cookbooks that have good authentic recipes?

This stuff is DELICIOUS!

Muchas gracias para tu ayudas.
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