Where can I find a calendar with group user sharing options?
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Where can I find a web-based/cross-platform calendar that would allow a group of people to add events, but not modify other people's?

I am looking for a solution for our workplace where there is equipment scheduling involved, but currently gCal allows only 2 levels of sharing: either a read-only option, or the ability to edit everything, which is undesirable because of the risk of people deleting others off and putting their own names instead. (The honor system is currently what's keeping things going, but the operation may expand so it is not sustainable.) Thank you very much for your help!
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I'm going to sound like a shill for recommending this twice in one day, but AirSet well do what you ask.

1) create a group
2) Invite people to the group
3) Set the roles as "Author" - that will let them create things but not edit them.
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Google Calendar lets you do this. My husband and I share one. We can both edit whatever's classified as "Family Stuff," but if it's labeled "Christine's Stuff" he can't modify it, and if it's "Mr. Christine's Stuff" then I can't modify it.
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The calendar component of Horde, called Kronolith, does it. It's not perfect (has some weirdness around recurring events) but it definitely works.
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