Hero/Villain or Hero/Sidekick costume pairings?
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HalloweenFilter: This year's party is "Heroes and Villains"-themed, and my fiance and I would like to be either a hero/sidekick pair or a classic hero/villain pair.

I just read the lot of Halloween costume posts here in the green, and got a few ideas to play with, but I'm still on the hunt. My fiance is a busy girl and won't want to wear anything structurally elaborate or hard to assemble, but I'd totally go all Rob Cockerham on my costume if the idea called for it.

I've come to AskMe for a broad range of thoughts, so don't hold yourself back, but my hope for the costumes is that the pairing will be:

1) Not super-obvious ("Spidey & Doc Ock")
2) Smart enough to be geeky-cool, but nothing that will exceed the mental capacity of tipsy 20-somethings.
3) Ironic/Playful with the concept (The Listerine Guy and toothpaste from the TV ads, for instance).

We're both extensively geeky, with interests in history, lit, pop culture, video games and the whole super-hero scene, so any idea is fair game at this point. One or both of us can cross-dress for the right idea, but we're not eager to.

Thanks in advance!
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My SO and I are going as The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend from The Venture Brothers - you can't ask for a simpler costume for a woman.
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Boris and Natasha of Rocky and Bullwinkle.
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Ronald McDonald and Hamburgler?
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Brown vs. the Board of Education
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The Tick and American Maid (Mrs. Plinth didn't want to be Arthur)
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Easier than monkeymadness's awesome suggestion (and the inspiration for the following) is Roe v. Wade, as one person brings an oar and the other rolls up trousers and that's about all that's necessary.
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A random listing of "heroes" and their sidekicks as they occur to me. They may not apply specifically to your question, but they might point you in the right direction. I tried to stay within your history/lit/culture/gamer/super-hero specifications.

Radioactive Man/Fallout Boy
Johnny Quest/Hadji
Pinocchio/Jiminy Cricket
Zapp Brannigan/Kif
Turanga Leela/Zapp Brannigan
Captain Hook/Smee
Mr Burns/Smithers
Peter Pan/Tinkerbell
Dalmation/Cruella de
Arthur/Morgan LeFay
Spiderman/Black Cat (Felicia Harding)
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That should be heroes/sidekicks or heroes/villains. Oh, and Cruella de Vil. Itchy posting finger tonight.
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Yeah, some of these are kind of obvious...

Mario and Princess Toadstool?
Zelda and Link?
Peter Venkman and Dana Barrett (Bill Murray/Sigourney Weaver)?
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How about Mac and PC from the Apple ads?
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Response by poster: Sweet! Keep going, gang! More Villains!
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Cheerleader and Sylar!
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Jesus and Satan?
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Hannibal Lecter/Clarice Starling
Boo Radly/Scout
Norman Bates/Marion Crane
Britney Spears/Grip on Sanity
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i'm not sure if there will be a generation gap here (depends on if you're closer to 20 or 30) but i think mulder and scully from the x-files would totally rock.

han solo and princess leia
e.t. and gertie
superman and wonder woman
robin hood and marian
harry potter and hermione
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Good cop/bad cop
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Hitler vs. Rosie the Riveter
(Churchill or FDR is more fitting, but this allows no cross-dressing.)

You know who else used to dress up as Hitler?
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Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible?
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John Steed and Emma Peel!
posted by scody at 9:00 PM on September 14, 2007

Bonnie and Clyde?
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- He-Man and Battlecat (or She-Ra)
- Atreyu and the Empress
- Buttercup and Prince Humperdinck
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Space Ghost and (Brak; Zorak; Moltar; The Black Widow...)
Sha-Ra and Skeletor
Smurfette and Gargamel
Flash Gordon (or Flash's gf) and Ming the Merciless
Jan and Jace, the Wonder Twins!
X-Men pairings abound
Thundercats, ditto
The Mummy vs. Rachel Weisz's Character

(Our default Halloween costume, for the last minute when we haven't arranged anything, is always just going as our own evil twins... we both paint on black goatees and heavier eyebrows, put on our most "typical" outfits, and we're ready to go.)
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Olive Oyl vs. Bluto

Hippolyta (Wonder Woman's mom) and Jor-El (Superman's dad) -- this will only really work if your partner is Amazonian and you look like an old Marlon Brando.

Barbarella and Durand Durand

Ellen Ripley vs. Alien

Aeon Flux vs. Trevor Goodchild
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James Bond and Honey Ryder
Northstar and Aurora
Kirk and Spock
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Dr. Who and Insert Random Hot Girl Here
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Both go as multiple man. Well one woud be multiple woman but it would still be pretty clever. Who even remembers that guy?

Ka-zar and zabu. She can do the girly sexy-cat thing with Zabu.

Antman and Wasp.

Elektra and Daredevil.

Vision and the Scarlet Witch.

Psylock and Colossus.
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Lord Asriel and Mrs. Coulter? You'd just need a stuffed golden monkey, a stuffed leopard and some glamorous garb. But then again, they're a weird hero/villain combo.
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Bruce Wayne vs. Selina Kyle?
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Heroes and Villains? Brian Wilson vs. Mike Love, of course.
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spy vs spy
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Malcom Reynolds and Saffron

Or Buffy and any of numerous choices, depending on your physical characteristics and willingness to wear fangs.
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sherlock and watson

jeckle and hyde
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Green Arrow and Black Canary.
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Trent Reznor/Manicurist

Or if you can think of a local commercial you can parody.

Okay, the first one might be too much, but I had to say it.

You could also go as Google & Yahoo. You can wear All White with just a shirt with a search box and the google logo (or your name in the logo style instead of the google logo, then you could have people touch your chest to 'search' you all night).

She can go as Yahoo, and just have words and images and shit written everywhere all over her clothes and face and head and glasses and ears and fingernails. And the Yahoo logo or her name in the logo style, on her right collarbone somewhere randomly.
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Penny and Inspector Gadget
Ecstasy and Agony
Crokett and Tubbs
The Bride and Bill
Daniel-son and the Cobra Kai (or Mr. Miagi)
Dr. Bunson Burner and Beeker
Jay and Silent Bob

Though I'm not sure they all qualify for hero status...
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Cavity Creeps ("we make holes in teeth!") vs The Crest Patrol

always wanted to do this...
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gargamel and smurfette
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Kim Possible/Ron Stoppable (or any of the villains from that series)
"I'm a Mac." "And I'm a PC."
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Penny and Brain is a better choice than Inspector Gadget. Seeing as Brain was the only one that ever did anything useful.

Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd or Roadrunner and the Coyote
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Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable
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Do you like leather? How about Aeryn Sun and John Crichton?

If you really like leather and have more time for your costume, Aeryn and Scorpius.
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/Begin Satire

G.W. Bush vs. The Constitution
Lindsey Lohan vs Public Decency

/End Satire
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Mother Teresa vs. a condom?
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The Hindenburg and a match

Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole

Cobra Commander and The Baroness!
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How about Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks?
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I've long thought Trojan Man (the condom character who's always interrupting amorous couples) would be a hilarious costume, and since his horse is never far off, it's a duo!

Bonus: You get to poke your nose into the upstairs bedrooms during the party, and hand out rubbers to anyone caught therein.
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Bele and Lokai is always a winner.

Neo/Trinity is probably overworked at this point.

I'd suggest Doctor Impossible and Fatale, if that's your kind of crowd, but most people probably wouldn't get it, and it's probably more work for her than she wants.
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