Where are the armchair detectives on the Internet?
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Where are the armchair detectives on the Internet?

I've been to America's Most Wanted and CourtTV. People talk about real crimes but they don't really get to solving any.

Is there someplace on the Internet where people collaborate to try to solve real crimes?
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fwiw, specific WWII war crimes sometimes creep into discussions on the message boards of armyairforces.com, a site teeming with both historical researchers and WWII vets. not necessarily crimes, but MIA cases are also a frequent topic there.
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DoeNetwork.org helps find missing people.

From their site:
"How We Got Started
The Doe Network website was created by Jennifer Marra in 1999. Soon she was assisted by Helene Wahlstrom and in 2000 Helene took over the site completely when Jennifer left to have a family.

In 2001 Helene had the vision to put together a group of volunteers to try and solve the cases on the Doe Network website. A group of volunteers was put together in March 2001, since then the organization has grown and continues to grow.

Our Mission
The Doe Network is a volunteer organization devoted to assisting Law Enforcement in solving cold cases concerning Unexplained Disappearances and Unidentified Victims from North America, Australia and Europe. It is our mission to give the nameless back their names and return the missing to their families. We hope to accomplish this mission in three ways; by giving the cases exposure on our website, by having our volunteers search for clues on these cases as well as making possible matches between missing and unidentified persons and lastly through attempting to get media exposure for these cases that need and deserve it.

We cooperate with several Missing Person, Law Enforcement agencies and Medical Examiners and strive to work with more in the future. "
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They are all here.
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Zodiac Killer message board.
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Steve Huff is a gifted researcher with an intuitive streak that often results in him scooping the MSM and police.
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My thanks Scram for the plug. I won't argue, but I'd also agree with addlepated about the Zodiac Killer board. There are some wickedly smart folks posting there, and their discussion makes for fascinating reading at the very least.
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