Help me find a plus-size black, lace dress to wear as a bridesmaid dress.
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I need help locating a bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding. There are a few constraints, but basically I'm searching for a plus-size, a-line, black, lace dress.

I'm having a lot of trouble finding what I want pretty much anywhere.

The basic requirements are that it must be black, long, and formal.

My additional requirements are that it is an a-line cut, has a scoop / v-neck / or strapless neckline, and that the longest sleeve length is cap sleeves (i prefer sleeveless).

I would *really* like a dress that is black with a black lace overlay. I am seeing a lot of dresses with a black lace overlay, but usually the fabric underneath is nude, white or another color. However, the dress has to be solid black.

It also has to be available in actual plus-sizes, not just a line that goes up to an 18.

I've been Googling & searching all the formalwear sites I know. Actual bridesmaid dress lines don't seem to have lace dresses from what I have seen. If you can help me find some sources, I will love you forever.

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Must it absolutely be a dress? Or could you wear separates?
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Response by poster: It could be separates. Same constraints apply. That's a good idea, actually, TPS, I hadn't thought of separates (though I still am not sure where to find the perfect ones).

It does have to be quite formal though. So the separates would have to look like a dress together.
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So far, this is all I've come up with. This is a tough one!
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I would check David's Bridal - they have a lot of separates that come in black, most up to a 26.
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Best answer: It looks like this dress can be ordered floor length with a black slip.
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Not to be a brat, but have you tried googling "plus size formal dress"?

This place looks like they might be worth a phone call.

This dress is black on charcoal and has 3/4 sleeves, but consider a tailor.

This one has a nude colored bodice, but the whole rest of it is black.

I just did a little googling. If I find something else, I'll let you know.
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You should also check out the dress discussions on Indie Bride.
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Have you looked at Sydney's Closet? They have a huge collection of plus size formals. My personal favorite IGIGI, has had things like that in the past, but nothing that fits your description at present.

And you can always ask over at Fatshionista if you need more help.
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Response by poster: orangemiles, I have in fact tried googling "plus size formal dress", "plus size bridesmaid dress", "black lace bridesmaid dress", "black lace plus size", etc. I've been looking for quite awhile, both in person & online.

None of the items you pointed to meet my requirements. The shop link doesn't help; the charcoal dress doesn't have cap-sleeves or shorter or the right neckline; and the After Six dress isn't floor length & doesn't look that formal.

This is why it's tough. I know I am being very particular, but before I settle on a plain old satin a-line gown, I'd like to try to find the dress of my dreams.

Thanks everyone so far - the Watters & Watters dress so far looks like it's close to what I would like!
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Response by poster: kimdog - Great link & great suggestion for asking @ fatshionista.

It sounds like you might remember the dress that originally was my favorite @ igigi. They no longer sell it & it didn't come in black on black anyway, but I had always lusted after it and wished I had an occasion to wear it. Now I do and it's long gone!
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In my experience (as a plus-size bridesmaid) the Watters and Watters dresses run pretty true to size. Unlike another brand I bought, where a 22 was nearly too small (and I wear an 18 street size!)
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Another option.
This may not be formal enough and the sleeves may be long.
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Some of these look promising. Can you perhaps have something custom tailored - lining replaced with what you want?
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Response by poster: For the record, this right here is the dress of my dreams. However, they not only do not have it in all black (and the black/nude wouldn't work), but they do not have my size.
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Do you know a seamstress( if not, jump on craigslist)? Print out the page and have your dream dress made for you. I had a very similar dress made for prom by a seamstress and it was amazing and of course it fit perfectly.
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Not identical, but this would be gorgeous.
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(Hit post too soon -- the arms are too long for your requirements, but I'm sure you could get those shortened to a small cap sleeve without too much trouble.)
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This one could have the arms shortened as well.
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Response by poster: barnone - I appreciate your help but those dresses are short & aren't quite formal enough, unfortunately.

I did e-mail all my local friends/family to see if they have a seamstress suggestion. I had a great seamstress work on my wedding gown but she's like 3 hours away now. I'm starting to think I might be desperate enough to drive that though.
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Not all lace, but really nice detailing on this one.
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Really? This first one is floor length and looks pretty formal. I'll keep thinking...
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Best answer: Lace halter. Coco Myles has a self-design feature. Check out the celebrity-inspired pieces. They go up to size 32. The Felicity is quite nice.
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Best answer: This is available with black lining and up to size 28. This one has the lace and lining available in black as well.
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Available to size 26 - could fix the arms. Lots of others on this site - take a look around.
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I am convinced that the Very Merry Seamstress can make absolutely anything. The photo of the dress of your dreams looks like something right up her alley.
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Response by poster: barnone - those Jim Hjelm dresses are gorgeous! Thank you so much for digging those up. I am going to call some bridal shops about them along with the Watters & Watters tomorrow.
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So? Which lovely dress are you thinking of now?
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Note: Jim Hjelm dresses are the ones I was referring to in my previous comment. They run very small, in my experience.
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Jenny Yoo goes to size 22. Here's a nice lace one.
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I think I may have found an answer for you!

And it's on SALE!

Yes, the sleeves aren't the length you want, but that's an easy fix at a tailor.

Take a look at the other dresses at -- they are my go-to source for formal/wedding wear and make wonderful things. Good luck!

P.S. You may also want to check and/or visit your local Macy's or Nordstrom's, especially with Columbus Day sales starting in the next couple of days.
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