Global Negociated asynchronous calenders?
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Looking for a web based calendar service that allows me to set n blocks of time on my schedule for phone interviews. Interviewees each get to pick exactly one block from the remaining slots available, until all blocks are filled.

I am willing to pay a fee for this service, but free is preferable. I'd like as little set up as possible.

Important: I'd like the calendar to work across multiple time zones and countries (candidates will be all over the world). So, each interviewee will see a view of the remaining time blocks adjusted to their personal time zone.

This service would make my life significantly better. Does this exist?
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You are looking for an online registration system more than a calendar, and it seems like you're sort of wanting something pretty custom/unique (i.e. doesn't exist exactly as you want it today) with the time zone thing...

I could certainly code something like this for you for a reasonable hourly rate... or you could use one of the many event registration systems out there and probably sacrifice the time zone thing...
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