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I'm starting a webservice business. I'd like the address and the bank account to be in Wyoming, for tax reasons, but I myself do not personally want to live in Wyoming.

The business may allow me to travel extensively and live almost anywhere in the world, which is a perk I'd like to take advantage of.

Is it legal, possible, or even wise to establish a business in Wyoming when the only thing that is really associated with the business is an address and a checking account for online transactions?

I've just heard about "registered agent providers" but I'm not sure how to get one or if the cost would off-set the savings in state tax.

Thanks much.
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I'm fairly sure you need to be a resident -- but that they allow "nominal" resident officers. You can probably hire an accountant or a lawyer who will be the official representative in the State.
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Delaware is a haven for this sort of scenario. The state government actively encourages non-residents to incorporate there. Other states take a more robust approach to the public charter aspect of corporations. I don't know about Wyoming, but if the tax advantages are your reason, Delaware should be 1st on your list.
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Response by poster: Thanks, robcorr and yesster, for your help.
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