I'm looking for a secure, reliable subversion service and hoping for recommendations.
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I'm looking for a secure, reliable subversion service and hoping for recommendations.

I really don't have the skills or time to fuss with my own subversion server creation and setup, so I'm looking for an existing 3rd party service instead. My needs are pretty basic - I need to have multiple user access (around 5-10 people, max), fairly large storage allotments (2+ gigabytes?), and the ability to publish changes to remote staging and live servers. Uptime and security are obvious must-haves.

I've looked at Springloops which looks nice and has support built-in for Basecamp, but I can't find any reviews of the service online and the only comments have been from someone obviously involved with the project.

Can anyone recommend such a beast?
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Dreamhost is super cheap, has SVN preinstalled and easy to admin, and the most basic account (~$8/mo) gives you 146 gigs. Other people dislike Dreamhost as far as reliability goes, but I've personally never had an issue.
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My company uses Wush.net and they're great.

I guess because you want it to be secure, you also want it to be private, and thus sourceforge and google code are out of the question.
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Happy with hosted-projects.com so far - they have a 7 day grace period so you can try before you buy. I pretty much picked them out of a hat though.
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My new company may use Unfuddle for source control.
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SVN Repository is from Joe Clarke, who also started RailsPlayground. There's a 30 money back guarantee, so plenty of time to verify for yourself whether it meets your standards.
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Google Code?
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Piggybacking on this question: does anyone know of anything similar for a bare git repository instead of subversion?
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I've never used cvsdude (name notwithstanding their emphasis these days is subversion) but they've been around for a while and certainly look plausible.

You could add them to your list anyway.
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Just re-read the question - out of curiosity, why are you putting 2Gb of data under source control? If it was me, I wouldn't be trying to host that remotely.
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Site5.com Has a deal for 165GB and 5TB transfer. You can do SVN with them over SSH svn+ssh://. That might not meet your multiple user requirement though.
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