Please stop my phone ringing with gmail.
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I'm aware this might be really obvious, but I need a quick answer - why are my gmail messages suddenly also coming to me in text messages on my cell?

Out of nowhere this morning, seemingly random gmail messages I send to other people are, apropos of nothing, being sent to my cell phone as well. WTF? Help.
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Check under gmail settings to see if you have forwarding setup, it's possible that you somehow must've managed to set that up by mistake.

Or perhaps you added your gmail account to your phone and now it's checking for new email. Check your phone's built in email client.
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Response by poster: Thank you, but neither seems to be the case...
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Are the emails coming in as a text message? a MMS? or an email?
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Response by poster: text message, segmented into different parts
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Have you used your phone number somewhere at google lately? I guess you'd remember using the 987654321@your_phone_carrier.example email address, yes?
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Response by poster: To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to? I'm almost certain the answer is no.
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What number and/or email address are they coming from?
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is it possible you are recieving sms for just 'google calender' reminders rather than all email that you recieve in gmail?
if they are google calender reminders, go to:
click 'settings' (top right) > 'mobile setup' and delete your phone number and save the settings...
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