Hot to create an empty Windows Profile?
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Is there any way to create a new Windows profile with nothing installed just like when you install WIndows from scratch? I need to create a profile that loads faster and don't open resident programs like antivirus, IMs, etc; I want it to quickly see movies without wait everything to load and reduce battery consumption.
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Yes, just create a new user in the control panel > user accounts and you should be all set.
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Best answer: Most programs don't give u the options to install for all users or only your user, but this should work:

1. Create a new user
2. Login with the new user
3. Run 'msconfig' -> startup -> uncheck everything
4. Clear everything the start menu->all programs->startup folder
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[Are you using Windows XP?]

Very often when you install new programs under a user account, it will apply those setting to all user accounts, so they'll need to be manually disabled even if you create a fresh account.

In addition to create a new user, you probably want to go to Start>All Programs>Startup and make sure it's empty of anything extraneous.

Next, if you are comfortable with it, launch msconfig and disable any startup processes that you don't need.
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Best answer: Two thoughts:

mphuie's method will work, but possibly too well. Programs like virus scanners install themselves as system services. System services are called by, of course, the system, and don't change their status (running or stopped) based on user logins. You could disable whatever you're running (AVG, McAfee, Symantec) for all users, but not just for one. To achieve this behavior, you'd need to disable them at the system level, then put a shortcut to their startup service in the Start -> All Programs -> Startup folder.

Also, to get a clean profile, desktop, icons, Start Menu, do the following.

1. Browse to C:\Documents and Settings\ (Assuming you're using XP)
2. Turn on 'Show Hidden Files and Folders' (Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> Show Hidden Files and Folders)
3. Rename Default User to anything else (Foo User)
4. Create a new user normally from the Control Panel (this will create a new user on the system, but you've hidden the new user temple so that it can't be referenced)
5. Rename 'Foo User' to 'Default User'
6. Optionally, turn off 'Show Hidden Files and Folders'
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Oops, 6 is turn ON show hidden
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Response by poster: Hey great guys!

I'll check this after work!

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