Not that I want those two minutes back or anything.
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Technical/pedantic football (soccer) question: In tonight's Albania v Holland Euro 2008 qualifier, six minutes of stoppage time was indicated, if I am not mistaken. However, the referee blew the final whistle after what I believe was less than 94 minutes, after a spectator threw fireworks at or near a player. This incident seemed to be the direct reason for the ref to call it a game. Given that according the Laws, the indicated stoppage time is a minimum, shouldn't this game technically be considered terminated or abandoned?

Bonus question: what exactly is the difference between a "terminated" and an "abandoned" game?
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I knew you were dutch. Romania scored 17 goals. It wouldnt be for 2 minutes that youd beat that...

Anyway, the Laws of the Game are here. Law number 7: "The allowance for time lost is at the discretion of the referee."
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I've never heard the phrase "terminated" game before; the referee has the power to "abandon" a game when the safety of the players or officials is at risk.
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I thought that it was the referee's judgement call in circumstances like this.

Also, Scotland won last night!
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Best answer: This would definitely be a judgement call on behalf of the referee to end the game a couple of minutes early, specifically to avoid abandoning the match. Probably to avoid a scene, which isn't exactly within the rules, was certainly the lesser of two evils.

Terminating a game isn't in the terminology of soccer. One begins the game with a whistle, and ends with the final whistle. A referee might choose to abandon the game right up until the final whistle due to fog/fan action/violent conduct, although if the game is abandoned, convention usually states that the result is upheld if the abandonment takes place anything over 75 minutes played.

So, Abandoning a game will happen, otherwise the game just finshes at the end of the normal time (90 minutes) or extra time (extra 30 minutes in cup competitions).

Here's a link to the laws of the game should you wish to take a gander.
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Response by poster: FWIW, I Asked The Ref. I still disagree with Fleischer's assertion that the indicated amount of stoppage is not a minimum, because as far as I can tell the current Laws state that it in fact is. However, it was a good explanation, as was triv's, and I must indeed conclude that it's the ref's discretion that ultimately counts.

Thanks, guys!
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Response by poster: Oh, and I am referring to the Laws as specified by FIFA (pdf), "Additional Instructions and Guidelines for Referees", page 98.
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