fixing Firefox file/folder flexibility
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Is there a way to open multiple favorites in Firefox from the Windows XP file Explorer window?

When I try to open a group of urls from the Windows Explorer window, my right click choices are either IE or Maxthon (an IE shell program). I'd like to open multiple favorites in Firefox, but that choice is not available, at least as an Explorer context menu choice, even if I make Firefox the default browser.

Of course Firefox can open one url or a full folder of urls within the browser, but I want to be able to open just a small group that I select from folders anywhere on the hard drive. PlainOldFavorites, the Firefox add-on is excellent, but doesn't work for this purpose. Suggestions?
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If Firefox is your default web browser, selecting all the URL shortcuts, right-clicking, and simply choosing "Open" should open them all in Firefox tabs. If it doesn't, check your file associations.

Another option is to add Firefox to your "Send To" context menu. To do this, click the Start Menu->Run. In the Open box, type "sendto", and then click OK. This will open the Send To folder. Click File->New->Shortcut, and browse for the file location of firefox.exe, probably in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox. Now you should be able to right-click and do Send To->Firefox.
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Response by poster: Almost there, I hope. When I added Firefox to the sendto menu and then used it to open urls, they all seem to be loading from a local C: drive cache rather than accessing the internet. The browser is not in "work offline" mode. Any additional suggestions?
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