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Help me figure out the TV show and episode I saw on the history of handguns (or specifically the revolver).

I saw a show on the History Channel (or was it Discovery? A&E? They're all so alike these days) which traced the development of the handgun from early times to modern times. The part that I was most interested in was the discussion of a sort of early pepperbox style revolver which was actually invented and built in the early Renaissance. I distinctly remember this being a key part of the show, but I remember few details.

The episode included some footage of reenactors dressed up in period clothing, firing the various weapons.
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Was it The Story of the Gun? Looks like it was A&E (the first google hit is for store.aetv but I'm not able to get to it. I remember seeing it on TV.
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There's an entire series called "Tales of the Gun" which includes costume reenactments of various historical events. It's possible that it was one episode of that which you saw.
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Tales of the Gun was originally produced in the late 1990s, so the History Channel's site doesn't seem to list the show anymore, but here are the episodes on DVD.
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Sounds like maybe an episode of Modern Marvels on the History Channel? I have a vague recollection of this episode as well.
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Wild West Tech has a lot of stuff like this, they may have had an entire episode on handguns.
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Modern Marvels has been re-broadcasting old Tales of the Gun shows as re-branded Modern Marvels shows.
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Jeremy Clarkson's Inventions That Changed The World had an episode on the history of the gun.
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