How do I find a good Psychiatrist in the Boise, Idaho area
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How do I go about finding a good psychiatrist in the Boise Idaho area? I am a reasonably well-managed bipolar patient. I am not happy with the side effects of my mood stabilizer and am suspicious that depression is interfering with my life. I haven't seen a psychiatrist for about 3 years. My GP prescribes my medicines since I am reasonably well-managed. However, I just moved to the Boise/Nampa/Caldwell Idaho area and would like to start seeing a psychiatrist and seeing about trying something different. I was really lucky how I found my last psychiatrist through the recommendation of a counselor that I trusted. But I don't have any contacts in the area. Does anyone have a recommendation of a good psychiatrist in the Boise area? Or how have you/would you go about finding a good one? Thanks
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Try the local NAMI chapter. Attend a meeting & ask around. Look for Boise-area support groups & do the same.
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Do you work at a place with an Employee Assistance Program? I can't express how much easier it is to call EAP and work out the details of finding a covered mental health caregiver, than to just sit there calling numbers on a list of people who are maybe covered on your insurance, leaving a ton of messages, feeling crazier by the minute as none of them ever get around to calling you back.
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