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Recommendations for a Seattle area doctor/psych/counselor who specialize in adult ADD/ADHD?

I was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD in my early 20s, but I've never followed up with a good treatment plan. However, I've now hit a point where my inability to focus and follow through is impairing my work, so I need to address the issues.

I need a starting point -- a doctor/psych/coach here in Seattle that specializes in adult ADD/ADHD and can take me on. I know I'll need drugs again, but I also need coaching in how to manage this. I need someone who can help me formulate a game plan.

But I don't even know where to start. Any recommendations for good doctors/psychs/counselors in Seattle? Coaches, too. Thanks.
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I found my doctor by using this directory.
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I work at Sound Mental Health, which is right on capitol hill. I actually work in the forensic unit and don't deal with people in your position, but it's a community mental health center and you could get basic counseling and get in with a psychiatrist, I think. I'm not sure how the insurance would work out, but you could give it a shot. If it's not your thing (you may want private, or something more targeted), I'm sure they will have resources for you. Of course, palmcorder's advice is also very relevant and straightforward. Just thought I'd mention this.
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