Why does this town smell like garlic?
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There is a stretch of highway 25 in Wareham, MA (south of Route 195) that consistently smells like garlic, and I have no idea why or where the smell is coming from.

The garlic smells "appears" suddenly about 2 miles south of the intersection with 195 (GMap of area) and fades about a half mile before 195. I have attempted to track the source of the smell (on side roads next to the highway) and haven't been able to find it. There are multiple cranberry bogs on either side, but I have never encountered another bog smelling like this.

What could this smell be? Where is it coming from? (Is it keeping the vampires away?)
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I seemed to remember there is a spice company located in the area, but Google suggests they are actually in the New Bedford area. Maybe call and ask if they have a warehouse/shipping facility in Wareham?
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My first guess would be wild leeks or maybe ramsons growing nearby, although the garlic smell is only for part of the year while they are in flower.
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Could it be horseradish being processed? I seem to recall that is where it is made and it is awesome powerful scent.
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Someone emailed me the following:
Perhaps you could tell her that the garlic smell is coming from a crouton factory in the Wareham Idustrial Park which is located just before the 195 intersection where 495 becomes 25. Exit 21 if you are travelling on 495...
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