It's pronounced Cray-po, dammit.
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I'm looking for a picture of yard signs or other materials from Senator Crapo's campaign (I have to prove to my coworkers that I am not crazy).

I am completely convinced that I once saw a picture of a Mike Crapo sign that had a horizontal line over the a - so people would know it's pronounced "Cray-po," not "Crappo." Except now I can't find any evidence of this anywhere, and the coworkers who at first thought this was a hilarious story now just think I'm making it up.

I think I may have originally seen it on a liberal blog, but I could be totally wrong. I'm kind of starting tp wonder if it was maybe just some sort of joke, not his actual campaign sign, but even so I can't find the picture that I *know* I saw somewhere.

Having wasted a good deal of my workday scouring the web to no avail, I'm hoping that some MeFite who is Idahoan (is that right?) or more of a campaign junkie than I am might know where I can find some proof.
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Well, not nearly as hilarious as the sign, but his official website explains the pronunciation.
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And here's somebody else who remembers the signs and has a time frame for you.
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I was once traveling through California- probably in 1982- and saw a sign advertising 'Lawless for Sheriff'. I have a photo to prove it, too.
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Response by poster: And here's somebody else who remembers the signs and has a time frame for you.

Ok, this is a good start, at least I'm not crazy.
Random story: one time in college I got in an argument with my roommate about whether Democrats or Republicans had weirder names. "Crapo" and "Boehner" really should have been enough to make her concede defeat.
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Well when he runs for reelection he has an easy slogan: "Mike Crapo: He's not Larry Craig!"
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