I need a new verizon phone
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Verizon Wireless phone that isn't obnoxious for 2007?

I need to buy a new phone from Verizon Wireless because my current one is broken and my plan is about to renew. I actually like Verizon's service, so I'm stuck using their phones. I already have a blackberry for work that I love so I don't need a super-smart phone. What I'd like is a durable, well-designed phone that doesn't cost very much and isn't flimsy. Bonus points if i could actually use it as an MP3 player for tracks ALREADY ON MY COMPUTER (I'm not paying Verizon to download songs for my phone). I've had good experiences with LG, they are usually very functional.

Recommend if I should buy it via Verizon with my renewed service contract discount or if I'd get a much better deal buying it on ebay or elsewhere
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None of their new lineup thrills me - go to eBay, and find yourself a Motorola E815. I just replaced mine (with a Samsung SCH-u740, not bad but not fantastic) and I'm still regretting it - it's a great phone, ultra-durable, and it had the best call quality of any cell phone I've ever had.

A quick check of eBay shows me you can get one for about $50 - you should definitely check it out.
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I actually happen to have an E815 I just replaced with an iPhone. Email's in profile if you're interested.
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Another vote for the e815 - I've had it for over 2 years and it still works well. You can put music on it via a transflash card (micro SD).
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The LG VX8600 is cooler, sexier, sleeker, better-designed, and overall just better than other slim phones currently on the market (Razr, etc). MP3 and WMA tracks can be played by simply transferring them over, or on a mini SD card.

The Verizon website doesn't seem to be selling these phones online anymore, but maybe they're still in stores? Or you could pick one up somewhere online.
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As I mentioned in another thread, I like the LG VX8550 pretty well, and it seems to have the same internal features as Xere's VX8600:
I just got the new 2nd generation Chocolate [LG VX-8550] and so far I like it. I haven't played around with the music-player features, but as a phone it works well and looks sharp. It's tiny and pocketable, with no protruding antenna to catch on your pocket lining. Voice commands work pretty well. Reception and sound quality are good. Camera quality is decent. It can apparently do calendar & address book sync, too, though I haven't had a chance to try that yet. I found the click-wheel too twitchy until I set it to "low" sensitivity, but now it's very easy to navigate.

Overall it has a well-made, satisfyingly classy tactile feel to it that has me looking for reasons to make a call. I might end up loading MP3s on the thing after all...
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The LG VX8300 fits your criteria, also. Takes normal MP3s.
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All Verizon Wireless phones that are "Music Capable" will take MP3s via a memory card.

Personally I really like the ENV but probably not the best unless you do a lot of texting. I am not a fan of the Chocolate lineup.
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LG stands for "It's Crap and Likely to Wear Out One Day After the Warranty Does."
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Regarding the cost - do you have a "new every two" feature to your current plan? If you do, you can get a pretty nifty phone for very cheap or free. My Samsung SCH-a930 ended up being three dollars after rebates and plan discounts. Probably slightly more obnoxious than what you're looking for, but it's waaayyy better than a razr.
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Second the enV...even if you already have the blackberry.
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Response by poster: OP Update:

Ended up with the LG VX8300 because it was the cheapest option available for a new phone and I'd read really good reviews on it. My last phone was an LG and I liked the layout of it. Yeah it will probably die shortly but my roommate has one and she threw hers down a flight of concrete steps and it still works. So far, so good.
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