Light alarm clock.
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Do dimmer/timer combo adapters for lamps exist? I want to be able to set a timer AND dimmer on my bedside lamp so that at a scheduled time in the morning it will slowly scale upwards in brightness, simulating a sunrise. I know lamps with this feature built-in exist, but can you get an adapter that works on any lamp? I can only find timer and dimmer adapters alone, but never as a unit.
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Yes. You can use the Soleil alarm clock with the add-on adapter for a full size lamp. It costs an extra $40 for the adapter.
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Sorry, I'm lazy... link
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You can also do this with X10.
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Best answer: Here is a description using X10
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It's a little on the pricey side, but I keep coming across this lamp. X10 would probably be your cheapest bet, though it's require a little bit of initial fiddling.
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Search Amazon for SRS100US -- it's a clock that'll work with any lamp. $104.95.
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