Software for easy screen prints
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Can you recommend a free/shareware application for saving .jpgs of the active window with a hotkey? No nags/spyware preferred.

Yes, I realize I can do this with Ctrl-PrintScrn, but I have to do this a lot and I'd rather not have to open an image editor everytime to crop out what I don't want. Also, willing to pay for useful shareware.
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SnagIt (one of my favorite pieces of software) can do this. 30 day trial period, $40 to buy.
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Best answer: IrfanView is your tool. Free, fast, small, does exactly this (and much, much more.) Basically, you work in a window, hitting the hotkey whenever you want to take a screengrab (or active-window-grab), and it fills a folder with numbered images.
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I use FastStone Screen Capture. Hit the print screen key and then just save.
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Freeware MWSnap does all of what you ask on Windows.
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I also recommend SnagIt. An awesome tool that I use almost daily, with lots of cool features (like capturing a scrolling window or just a section of window).
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Vista has this built in with the Snipping Tool application. You'd have to assign your own hot key (easy to do under the properties of the start menu shortcut). The default is to give you a crossing window but under snipping tool's option you can set it to take a selected window.
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alt-printscreen captures just the current active window.
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I second phoenixy's recommendation of SnagIt. It's the best screen capture tool I've used.
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A bit of a by-way, because you are on a pc, but you never know, you might consider switching if it's really important: on a mac keystroke command-shift-4 brings up a crop tool, with which you can select any area of the screen, this will be saved to the desktop as png.
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I just switched over from SnagIt to open-source ZScreen
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It ain't hard.
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Try Gadwin ScreenPrint

Lots of options
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Response by poster: First one I tried was IrfanView, and does everything I need it to, plus a whole lot more for free. Looks like he is getting some money from Google as well, since you have the option of adding their toolbar.
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