Firefox freezes when downloading, help!
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I download a lot of images from the net. Using Firefox, the browser freezes while the file downloads. IE does not. I hate using IE. How do I make Firefox allow me to surf around while downloading?

I should add this is only the case when I use right click, "save as," and not when I click a prompted download. I think it happens for all files downloaded this way, not just images.
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Best answer: I use DownThemAll, a Firefox addon, and have been very pleased with it.
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Best answer: This is often related to a large or corrupted download history.
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Best answer: Click the "clean up" button on your downloads list. Mine was really really slow one time, and it turns out it was that the list had too many entries.
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something else you can do is to disable the downloads window popping up when you save something. that way it will just download in the background and the size of your download history is mostly irrelevant until you actually open the window yourself.

i had a problem where i was downloading stuff off flickr, one file at a time but every time i hit "save image as" the browser would lock up for a few seconds before displaying the download window. multiply that times a hundred photos and that's a few minutes of my life gone.

once i disabled that, everything downloaded silently in the background without a hiccup.
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Seconding DownThemAll. You want to go with an extension here.
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I clicked the "clean up" button on the download page, and that caused a massive freeze-up, unsurprisingly. I eventually killed Firefox and removed download.rdf from (since this is Windows): c:\documents and settings\\Application data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\.default\. That worked.
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