Help me find an interior design blog.
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What are some interesting, smart interior design blogs to follow?

I enjoy modern contemporary design, but I'd like to develop my range beyond strict minimalism. Focusing on actual apartments and houses would be great, rather than just focusing on a chair, couch or design piece.

Also, I know about MoCoLoco and Apartment Therapy.
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Dwell and its blog are pretty good.
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Trendir - although the focus is more on the items than the overall design.
Inhabitat - the focus is only partially on interiors
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I used to enjoy Saucy Dwellings on LiveJournal.
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There's Land+Living that I think is pretty neat.

And while it has a tendency to be a bit douchey, I also like The Cool Hunter. There's more international focus than just on the US, and it's got fashion, food, etc., but it's still pretty good.
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Land + Living trends towards products rather than the whole space but have a look under their architecture tag.
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I swear by Apartment Therapy.
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Pardon the semi-self link...I'm a contributor to the newly launched blog called spatial therapy, which aims to discuss case studies and completed projects in interior design among other things.
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Of course, it would be good it the url was correct, huh? spatial therapy, once again. And no promises on it being either smart or interesting. ;)
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