Why can't I back the Huskies?
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Is there anywhere for a U.S. resident to get t-shirts from Canadian universities?

Finding logo t-shirts from U.S. schools is easy (put "Penn State t-shirt" into Google, and you'll get about a billion options). But I'm having a difficult time finding anyone who sells the equivalent for Canadian schools. Sometimes the school's own bookstore sells them, but generally with a massive cross-border shipping charge (C$35 from the University of Saskatchewan!).

Is there any good source in the U.S. for this? Or a Canadian outlet that has reasonable shipping rates to the States?
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I checked the new online U of S bookstore and it looks like they'll only ship this Centennial shirt to the US. However, the shipping charge is only $10, not $35. Otherwise, Google isn't turning anything up. Could you get someone to pick one up for you and ship it? Otherwise, you might try periodically checking ebay.ca - maybe set it up so that it alerts you when someone puts a shirt up for sale?

I sympathize - my U of S Huskies bunnyhug is one of my favorite articles of clothing.
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You will probably have to go through each university, often via the bookstore. In Canada, university t-shirts aren't the big thing they are in the US. Our sports teams are not really watched on TV and even people in the local communities tend to have no idea how they're doing. As a result, you don't get the general public wearing t-shirts. I've never seen a university t-shirt for sale anywhere other than a university campus. In fact, even when I was in university, very few people wore logo'd t-shirts. It's just not the same as in the US.

If you do send stuff across the border, try to go through USPS so that you don't get stuck with big brokerage fees. If possible, send the item as a gift, since gifts have a certain exemption limit for duty.
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Ahem - not to presume, but perhaps you meant the SMU Huskies? They seem to have fairly inexpensive shirts and shipping.
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Don't know the shipping charges are so high, considering that it's often cheaper to send parcels to the US than it is within Canada. I can send you stuff from the U of T (Toronto, of course) bookstore if you so desire.
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looks like you can specify a US shipping/billing address at the u of t bookstore's online thingy.
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University of Calgary ships anywhere in the world; set shipping address under "account." You can get branded U of C, Dinos, and Olympic Oval stuff- where else will you find t-shirts advertising a speed-skating oval? That's worth the price of shipping!
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