Cheap winter clothes?
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Cheap winter clothes online/MSP area?

So, I'm now going to school in Minnesota, and it has all of a sudden turned cold. I have very few winter clothes, and need to get some ASAP...

Is there anywhere recommended, either online (preferably) or in the St. Paul/Minneapolis, where I could get some cheap winter clothes? I prefer zip-ups!
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If you don't mind used clothing, try Ragstock in the Uptown area (near Calhoun Square).
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Campmor is pretty good, but stock changes and I've never been a fan of buying clothing sight unseen.

Try Gander Mountain, and such like places they sometimes have good sales. And a tip, if you can at all afford them buy yourself a pair of fleece lined jeans, they can be pricey but are nearly the best warm thing ever (as long as your not actually camping in them, don't do that)
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Marshalls in the basement of the southdale mall can be pretty good for discounted new stuff.

Burlington coat factory off of HWY 100 would have a bigger selection though.
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There is also the Lands End Outlet at the HarMar Mall where some good stuff can be had for cheap like Squall Parkas for $40. If you would rather have overstock material then the Lands End Inlet is another option which is located at Lyndale.

If you think it is cold now then you are in for a treat of a winter. Be sure to get thermal underwear, good wool/fleece socks, a good set of boots, hat, scarf and gloves. Do not underestimate the power of moisturizers and a humidifier if the central heating gets things too dry.
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Don't feel like you've got to go out and get a huge parka, snowmobile suit, mukluks and a big fur hat.
You'll be able to handle all but a few really bad days this winter with layers - hoodies over long-sleeved t-shirts, with a three-season-jacket to block the wind.
There is some good advice upthread, but also keep in mind that we'll start seeing cooler-weather clothes hit the mass-merchandisers soon. Target usually has reasonably-priced, reasonably stylish stuff that will get you through the winter.
My number-one piece of advice is not to spend much money on gloves/mittens/whatever you prefer, since you'll likely lose them at least once a winter.
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Midwest Mountaineering on Cedar Avenue just north of Riverside in Minneapolis -- basically right on the West Bank campus of the University of Minnesota -- has an upstairs annex that sells good used and discount outdoors gear cheaply. Downstairs is good, too -- just new and more expensive.

Unique Thrift Store on Rice near Larpenteur in St. Paul is the best of several good Twin Cities thrift stores for offering a huge bunch of used clothes at decent prices. That's where my present bombproof winter coat comes from.
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Thrifty Outfitters is the outlet/overstock/clearance section of Midwest Mountaineering. There you will find quality cold-weather gear (jackets, hats, mittens, socks, etc.) at much lower than normal prices. The store is at Cedar-Riverside, pretty much on the U campus. If you drive, it's nice to know that they validate parking in the lot behind the store regardless of whether you buy anything.

Burlington Coat Factory (mentioned above) is also a good place for deals, and you'll have a better shot at finding "fashionable" (as opposed to "outdoorsy" or "sporty") outerwear there.

Like coffeemate said, cold-weather clothing will be in stores soon. Target is great for mittens and hats, and soon the major malls will all have at least one hat/mitten/scarf kiosk store.
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argh, gum beat me to it!
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Ragstock is a very traditional student place for old overcoats, trenchcoats, used pea coats, army/navy surplus stuff (which can be quite warm). Several locations here. I remember my army surplus jacket days--you get so used to all those pockets that you feel lost and pocketless around the first of May.

Some of the winter clothes at H&M (Mall of America) are stylish and surprisingly inexpensive. I got a coat there for $59 that works for me in 90% of local winter situations. Some are poorly made, too, though, so shop carefully.

Oh, and remember that boots should have traction on snow/ice as well as warmth.

Bitter cold isn't happening all that often lately (thanks, global warming!) but you'll have lots of days of moderate cold, probably well into next April. One of my favorite bits of functional clothing in moderate cold are gloves with the fingertips cut off, so you can manipulate small objects--like me fiddling with the controls on the car stereo. Sporting/outdoors places usually have them. (Or...get a pair of scissors.)
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I've had luck using
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Thanks all! I am planning a trip as we speak...
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