Please help me find this background
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I hate to waste a question on this, but it seems I have no choice. does anyone know where i can find this background? I have looked at interfacelift and google images and deviant art and have found nothing.
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Hmm Could be that it was removed from interfacelift. Maybe try contacting Raghav Sethi and asking him for the file?
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If the above doesn't work, I would post it on MacRumors forums, in a desktop discussion thread or search through Deviant Art. You can search by customization>os>wallpaper or something like that.

The ultimate place to ask around would be MacThemes Forums 2. They are GUI nerds and customize 'til the cows come home. Ask one of them.
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Do you have any Photoshop experience? Somebody may be able to locate this somewhere out there, but it is easily reconstructed in Photoshop with some custom brushes.
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Response by poster: i have tried to contact raghav and have had no luck finding an email or pm system. i have already tried deviant art and found nothing
thanks for the help.
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Best answer: Try on Gmail, based upon this.
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Best answer: A person of that name runs two blogs on Blogger. There is an email address in his profile.
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