Middle East in Hebrew?
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Where can I find good online maps of the Middle East with the country and place names in Hebrew? Something like this one here. I can't read or write Hebrew, so I'm (apparently) hampered in tracking something down. Making an English language search and then trawling through 20 pages of google images at google.co.il turned up nothing. Alternatively, where can I buy such a map in London?
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The hebrew for Middle East is המזרח התיכון and for map is מפה. Unfortunately, plugging those terms into google only came up with these two modest specimens, nestled among many english maps. Even the hebrew wikipedia page for The Middle East uses an English map.
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BTW, the second map has the countries marked as they were in ~1940. Israel is listed as Palestine, Iran as Persia, and India is subheaded 'Under British Rule'
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Will do if nothing better comes along, boaz, thanks (a gap in the market here?)
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Here are a few that I came up with. I don't know if any of them will be perfect for you, but hopefully they're better than nothing.

This one is a scalable interactive map with a slightly fidgety interface (and which must be opened with Internet Explorer, apparently).

This one doesn't include the entire Middle East, but is good for demonstrating distance between major cities in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Finally, this one (which I think is the best one I found) is a little wonky to operate, but seems to have the best ability to scale, pan, and zoom.

One final thought that I didn't try:
What about opening up Google Earth and explore the place-name tags that have been added by Hebrew-speaking users? Not sure if that would work for your purposes; just a thought.

Best of luck!
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These are pretty basic (I didn't pay attention to how up-to-date they are)
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There's also this list of Middle Eastern countries - click on one and it'll take you to the entry for that country with a thumbnail of the map.
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The way to find these kind of things is: Go to the Middle East article on Wikipedia, click on the Hebrew version, copy the article name in Hebrew, and paste it into into Google images.
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