I'm looking for a very simple VSTi host application for Windows 95.
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Music software reccomendation needed: I'm looking for a very simple VSTi host application for Windows. All it needs to do is load a VSTi plugin and send external MIDI input to it - no sequencing, no effect chains. And, it needs to work on Windows 95. (There seem to be a few of these available for MacOSX, but Google doesn't give me any for Windows) Any suggestions?
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Perhaps this would be helpful?
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Response by poster: As far as I can see (I just downloaded it) that doesn't do anything with VST plugins...?
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I am pretty sure Audiomulch will do this (I know it does VST effects, and I seem to remember it doing VSTis as well.) it is (still!) in beta, which means it's free to download and use. You can also run VSTis through effect chains if you want to later. Great program.
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Response by poster: I use AudioMulch on my main PC, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work in Windows 95!

The issue is, I have an old PC which I've put Windows 95 on (being the only Windows CD I could find at home), which I intend to use in a band with a MIDI keyboard attached. So far, all I can do on this PC is use sample-based software like Modplug Tracker, because various pieces of software I've tried that use VSTi's, like AudioMulch and FruityLoops, won't run in Windows 95.
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Response by poster: (I will give Audiomulch another go with Windows 95 though...the Audiomulch site says it may need the OpenGL DLLs to be installed)
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Tobybear's MiniHost might be what you're looking for. It hosts VST instruments and effects and also MIDI. It's an Alpha version, but Toby works fast and his programs are very good quality. It doesn't specifically say it works on 95, but I'd be surprised if it didn't. His other plugins are certainly worth checking out too.
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Response by poster: That does indeed look like what I want, lasm...although it does require ASIO drivers, but I'll try installing ASIO4ALL and see if that works...thanks!
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